If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year and are worried about how to pull off an epic feast with a limited budget amidst soaring prices, don't worry, Aldi and Walmart stores are coming to the rescue.


Must-Have Thanksgiving Trimmings

It doesn't matter how many, or how few side dishes you have at your family's traditional Thanksgiving feast, I guarantee it will cost you way more to prepare every single one of them this year. The prices for butter, olive oil, corn, turkey, and eggs, are just a few that are stupid high right now, and finding the cheapest price for all necessary Thanksgiving ingredients is going to be key. That is where Aldi and Walmart stores come in.

Fox Business reports Walmart and Aldi are two companies that have committed to lower prices for popular Thanksgiving must-haves.

Aldi was the first to reveal that they would be "discounting Thanksgiving staples so that they will match 2019 prices", and then Walmart must have been like, "wait, we gotta do something too!" Fox Business says;

Walmart said customers will be able to get Thanksgiving meal staples such as turkey, ham, potatoes and stuffing "at last year's price."

I just bought butter the other day from Walmart and it definitely was not at "last year's price yet, but it will be soon. Walmart is just beginning to roll out lower prices, and the company has said they will do the same thing for Christmas meals too.

Will other companies follow Aldi and Walmart and just say no to inflation this holiday season? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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