A store in Illinois specializes in selling old school style decorations for Christmas.

Like most kids, growing up I loved Christmas. In fact, I still do. One of my favorite parts is the decorations. My mom was all about it and she had quite a few. We would put up two trees every year. That was not all. We had other items my family would put up all over the house. Every room had something. The collection included nutcrackers, Santas, Frostys, reindeer, lights, candles, and so much more. We would put them up on Thanksgiving weekend and they would not come down until the week before the Super Bowl.

The adventure over the holidays was not just limited to our house. We would visit family and friends to check out their decorations too. Of course, they were also all invited to see our place. It seemed like for several weeks it was all Christmas all the time. Holiday music on the stereo. Movies and shows on the television. Special treats to eat. We would even drive around town to see the outdoor decor around the neighborhood. If I had to pick a favorite part of that season, it might be the outside setups.

People have really stepped up this year decorating their homes around the yard. I guess with not being able to have people over to enjoy their Christmas Spirit, the next best thing is to allow them to have a taste by driving by. The outdoor Christmas game has gone to the next level. The huge inflatables are awesome. Plus, the lights are bigger and brighter. Driving up and down my block is straight out of one of those "Christmas Light Fight" reality shows.

I'm not going to lie. I do appreciate the new world of outdoor Christmas decorations but I still have a place in my heart for the old school ones. You know the hard plastic ones that just have a lightbulb inside. They look prehistoric compared to what's out today.

I just recently found out that style is called "blow molds."

According to goldenglows.org,

"In a nutshell, a hollow tube, the parison, is filled with melted plastic, placed into a steel mold, inflated with air, forcing the plastic to the interior surface of a metal mold, the metal mold is opened when cooled, the item is removed and appropriately painted." 

According to wgntv.com,

"Around this time every year, there’s a gaper’s delay along a stretch of La Grange Road in Countryside as drivers are unable to take their eyes off a glowing crowd of plastic Santas, candy canes, and gingerbread men. The smiling snowmen and toy soldiers standing outside Rosebud Antiques transport many back to the magic of Christmas they remember as a kid. "

That's right, this place sells blow mold Christmas decorations. Sounds like I need to make a road trip. Even if I don't buy any, I have to see their collection of these old school decorations. I used to have a neighbor that would put a Santa like that on his roof every year. I was so jealous.

To check it out for yourself, HERE.

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