We've all done it. So you're speeding down the highway a little faster than you should be and all the sudden you see a State Trooper. The first thing you do is hit the breaks and go from 70 to 45. That's what this clever meme is all about. The Illinois State troopers posted this meme today on Facebook and it's just hilarious. Normally some would say don't quit your day job but this is really funny.

IL State Police Facebook

The funny thing is, they know that we all do that. Off duty, some of them could be guilty of this too. They hit the nail right on the head on this one. Truthfully, the weather has changed quite a bit in the last week. We were enjoying some seasonably warm weather then all of the sudden things are looking back to normal. Cold and frigid once again and expecting more snow this weekend. I guess the unseasonable weather was nice while it lasted.  If the Illinois State Troopers keep going on like this I'll be ready for open mic night when it happens.

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