Growing up, one of the fondest memories I have was going to Chucky Cheese and playing in the ball pit. Just diving in, swimming around and having a great time. Navy Piers new attraction just brings me right back there to my childhood but on an epic level. You can't even call this a pit. Its literally an ocean coming in at 18,000 square feet. To make it even better its complete with an extended pier, floaties, umbrellas and plenty of lawn chairs.

The First Tee Experience At The Northern Trust
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This pic is just to give you an idea but click here to check out the real deal. This is truly something the whole family can enjoy. The Plastic balls are translucent, made out of recycled material and are antimicrobial so you don't have to worry about germs. The attraction will only be there for two weeks though. It will be open from January 19th to February 3rd so you better grab the sunscreen and pack up the family quick so you don't miss out. The best part, its completely free to the public through a grant with the city. It might be the dead of winter but you can still go for a swim.

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