Oh Taco Bell, you never disappoint do you? Once again the famous chain is making sure that they have an option for EVERYBODY. Vegans and vegetarians have to go through a LOT to order something from Taco Bell. They can order a normal menu item, but then they have to go through the trouble of customizing an order to be either vegetarian or vegan.

Looks like 2019 will be the year that changes. The chain said on Thursday that it will test out a vegetarian menu board in some restaurants in coming months. According to TheTakeout -

The new in-restaurant menu boards will be a combination of some items that are already on the menu, as well as some new vegetarian and vegan options. This will make it even easier for customers to order meatless meals; currently, the menu offers 38 vegetarian ingredients, and refried pinto beans or black beans can be swapped for meat in most items.

Other 2019 goals include things like removing preservatives, reducing sodium content, ensuring their beef is sustainable, improving recycling efforts, and finally creating jobs. Apparently 2019 is the year restaurants are finally realizing how much business they lose from not having these options.

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