The death of the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is drawing near. Fans of the pizza have mobilized in massive numbers to try save it from being discontinued.

In my home, when Taco Bell starts fooling around with their menu, people in my home start getting an attitude. There are some big Bell fans in my home. I don't know who exactly needs to hear this at Taco Bell Corporate, but if you take away that Mexican Pizza, you'll have to deal with my youngest children. Don't laugh it off, Taco Bell 'big wigs', when my four-year-old gets that shady look in her eye bad things follow.

Be Part of Big Movement to Save Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

In September, if you didn't already know, Taco Bell said the Mexican Pizza was going to be discontinued on November 5. What we were told is that the pizza's packaging didn't fit in with the company's long-term vision.

The thing is, fans of this pizza, are willing to do just about anything to save it. Right now, at this moment, over 82,000 have signed their names to a petition with a 3-part strategy:


  • Buy as many Mexican Pizzas as possible to drive their numbers
  • Sign this Petition
  • Share this Petition to as many people as possible

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, the Chicken Chipotle Melt and Dragonfruit Freeze. Regionally, Taco Bell will be adding Green Sauce and a Quesalupa.


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