Why on Earth do humans in Wisconsin seem to have this inexplicable fascination with wrestling pigs?

I mean, don't get me wrong, pigs are adorable in their pudgy, curly-tailed glory, but I'm not quite sure why we've collectively decided that mixing it up with these oinkers is a good idea.


Did this start as a way to prove our dominance over the animal kingdom? Were there a bunch of guys sitting around a campfire in Wisconsin silently pondering life until one chimed in with, "Hey, I bet I could take down a pig?" And thus, a bizarre tradition was born.

Who was the first individual to dream about catching a greased-up big with their bare hands?

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If they were going for bragging rights why not wrestle a grizzly bear?

Or maybe have cage matches against kangaroos?



Maybe it's the mud that's the real draw? People in Wisconsin think about pigs in mud and get an oddly appealing feeling.

It's as if their inner child sees a pigsty and says, "I know I'm an accountant in real life, but today, I shall become a mud warrior."

Leave The Piggies Alone

It seems that not everyone is tickled pink by this pastime. In fact, a petition has sprung up on Change.org, with a resounding call to "Stop Pig Wrestling in Door County, Wisconsin."

One can't help but ponder: why, oh why, are we wrestling with pigs in the first place?

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