Forget about just chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day. How about adding a puppy, kitten, or rabbit? There's a catch, of course. The recipient won't be keeping the animal... not at first. There's an animal shelter in Indiana that is accomplishing several goals at once. They're offering a unique Valentine's gift idea, making money for their shelters, and possibly finding forever homes for pets that need one.

Vanderburgh Humane Society is offering local residents "cuddlegrams" and you guess it, cuddling with furry animals is apart of it. According to WKDQ, recipients get a small box of chocolates, a personalized card, three red roses... and cuddle time. You get to choose if they'll love up on a kitten, puppy, or rabbit in a 30-minute cuddle session There are three tiers based on the animal, $50 for a Bunnygram, $75 for a Kittengram, and $100 for a Puppygram. Toss in another $25 and you can pull off a memorable marriage or prom-posal.

There are a few rules and important notes about the cuddle session so no animal is out in harm's way.

Not only is this idea bringing in extra money for a humane society in Evansville, IN, it could also lead to new homes for animals that need one. This is definitely an idea that needs to be shared with Winnebago County Animal Services or PAWS.


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