How is this for tough? Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth was working out at the gym and her leg snapped in half and she just keeps working out.

Tammy Duckworth was working out in the gym at a rowing machine when suddenly her leg broke off. While this incident would cause absolute horror to most people and a call to the paramedics, Duckworth just laughed it off.

In fact, she thought it was so funny, she tweeted a photo of it, after it happened.


Duckworth was sworn in as Illinois’ newest senator on January 7th after serving a number of years in the Illinois legislature in Springfield. Prior to her service in elected office, Duckworth was an Iraq War veteran who served as a helicopter pilot. Duckworth suffered severe combat wounds as a result of a helicopter crash in Iraq. She lost both of her legs and is required to wear prosthetic legs.

Just imagine what it would be like to bust your leg clean in half, but in Duckworth’s case she takes it in stride. Her face is so perfect.

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