Sure, Illinois is many miles away from the hurricane zone, but the intensity of Hurricane Irma will affect portions of the land Of Lincoln.

Now, don't freak out.  We will not feel the intense winds that our friends in Florida had to endure, but we could see some rain shower activity in Illinois, which we desperately need. I don't know about your lawn, but mine is looking very sad as a result of a lack of rain over the past few weeks.

The National Weather Service says that over the next couple of days, Illinois can expect to see some showers as a result of the remnants of Hurricane Irma. Hurricanes that affect Illinois are

Such systems would make landfall in Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi before moving northeast.

What makes Hurricane Irma unique is the fact the storm impacted Florida was so powerful that it will affect portions of Illinois.

Here is a photo of some of the clouds in Central Illinois, generated by the one powerful storm.

Hurricane Irma Will Affect The Weather In Illinois
NWS photo

The best chances will south of Rockford. The National Weather Service estimates that areas east of I-55 will get in on the rain and the amounts will generally be less than a tenth of an inch. The rain, if it arrives will occur from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon.

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