Rockford has seen a lot of rain lately. We've had heroes step up to save a man stuck in his car. We have seen people cruising around on a jet ski. It has been crazy. But, we are not the only ones seeing flooding in our community.

This was the scene in Chicago this morning as water kept building on Lake Shore Drive.



This was the scene in Davenport, Iowa as a man came to the rescue of another elderly man who was stuck in the flood.


Wisconsin will have issues especially after the dam broke.



Everyone needs to be careful especially if you plan on driving around. DO NOT drive on roads under water. You don't know what's under the water and you don't know how deep the water is. It only takes a few inches of water to move a car. If stranded, you may not get any help for a while. The elderly man that was rescued here would've had a really bad day had there not been people there to assist him.

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