Distracted driving deaths have officially become a major problem in the Land of Lincoln, studies show that for the second year in a row Illinois is near the top of the country when it comes to deaths due to distracted driving.

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According to an article from thecentersquare.com, Illinois ranks 6th in the US for distracted driving deaths per licensed driver. In the article they say...

"The study looked at the total number of distracted driving crashes and fatalities in individual states and ranked Illinois among the worst for the second year in a row. According to 2020 data, Illinois has the sixth-highest rate of distracted driving deaths per licensed driver. The state recorded 185 deaths in distracted driving crashes in 2020, nearly double the number in the much more populous state of California."

The article goes on to talk about cellphone use, especially texting and driving, being the main factor in these distracted driving crashes that lead to loss of life. To read the full article for yourself click here! 

I have to say that these numbers are really concerning as a person who lives and drives in Illinois, especially because technology and cell phones aren't going away, younger generations rely on cell phones and they are learning to drive, when I learned to drive I didn't have a cell phone. Obviously, state officials need to take these bad rankings seriously, Illinois will always get bad rankings for weather and taxes, we can't also be one of the worst states for deaths by distracted driving too. It is up to all of us to stay off our phones when we are behind the wheel.

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