Sounds like a good idea to me and just common sense. The Illinois general assembly has passed legislation that would make leaving your pets outside in extreme cold or hot weather punishable by fines or even jail time.

The legislation sits on Gov. Bruce Rauner's desk awaiting his signature. If signed, it would become law.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois House approved the measure 104-11 on Tuesday.

The bill would make it a Class A misdemeanor to expose dogs and cats to life-threatening situations for prolonged periods of time in extreme heat or cold. That level of offense is punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500, though judges would have discretion to impose lesser sentences.

The Tribune reports that Democratic state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz of Chicago says she is sponsoring the bill because of the death of dogs in subzero temperatures last winter.

Opponents of the legislation say it goes too far and could affect farmers.

Your thoughts? Is this a good idea?

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