The mailman and mailwoman has a lot to deal with when making the rounds to deliver the mail, from vicious dogs to hazards in residents yards. One mailman got the shock of his life last week when he encountered a 43-year-old Stephen Casica last week who was walking his dog

DNA Info reports that last Thursday, Mr Casica was walking his dog in Chicago when he allegedly witnessed his letter carrier making the rounds in his neighborhood, when according the Cascia, the mailman "rolled through" a stop sign. So Casica did what anyone would do, he pulled approached the postal vehicle and pulled a gun on the postal employee. Really?

The report says that according to prosecutors

Casica and his dog followed the truck to the 6600 block of North Damen Avenue, where Casica confronted the 32-year-old driver — who, at this point, was outside with a mail cart, The men argued, and the fight turned physical when Casica kicked a mail cart into the mailman.

Things didn't stop there. Later, Casica allegedly pointed a 9 mm handgun that was loaded with six live rounds toward the mailman. The mailman, who was not named, backed away with his hands in the air.

The case will go to court and Mr Casica is in a heap of trouble.

What's getting attention is the t-shirt Mr Casica was wearing at the time of his arrest. Yep, Mr Cascia is a fan of Smith and Wesson!

Illinois Man Pulls a Gun on a Mailman for the Oddest Reason
Chicago Police Dept photo

Nuff said!

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