If you thought becoming a ride-share driver in Illinois would be an easy way to make some extra cash, be aware the state made it tougher to do.

Not just anyone can be a driver for Lyft, Uber, and the like.

WGN shares that Illinois created a law that's "designed to ensure ride-share drivers undergo adequate background checks."

Up until now those applying to be drivers for ride-share programs "were only required to give their address, age, driver’s license number, motor vehicle registration and automobile insurance liability."

Effective this Tuesday "those applying to be ride-share drivers [must] provide their full name and social security number, as well as their date of birth" along with prior requested information.

Ride-share drivers, by law, are now being "held to the same standard that other licensed transportation services have been held to for years.”

Good, as they should be.

Honestly, I can't believe it wasn't done in the first place when these programs started.

I'm glad though it has been made law now and everyone applying must abide by it.