When it comes to finding a great place to shop for groceries around the Rockford region, we recently shared a list of stores that had the Worst Food Quality in America, including one in Wisconsin, and the locations that had the Worst Customer Service.

And, if you didn't see our list of Most Affordable Groceries in the U.S., 218 locations of the store rank #1 as the Most Affordable in our area.

One of America's Favorite Discount Grocery Chains is Exploding

Ranked #1 as America's Most Affordable Grocery is Aldi, which is a Batavia, Illinois-based company that recently announced it will add hundreds of stores by 2028.

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The plan announced earlier this year will invest $9 Billion for 800 new Aldi locations that will consist of new construction and some "existing store conversions," according to Supermarket News.

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Nearly 330 new locations are being built across the Midwest and Northeast regions, and Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets will be converted into Aldi stores.

Starting mid-summer, Aldi will begin a phased approach to the store conversion process. Aldi anticipates that approximately 50 stores will begin the conversion process during the latter half of 2024, with the majority of these stores reopening as Aldi in 2025

While still being under the Aldi umbrella, some Winn-Dixie and Harveys locations "will remain under their existing banners" and not change their name.

Besides the huge expansion of stores into the Midwestern states, Aldi also plans to "open more locations in Southern California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, among others, by the end of 2028."

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