What are some reasons you may give an Illinois or Wisconsin grocery store a poor review for customer service?

No one was around when you had a question about their products, or the lines at the checkout line were ridiculously long. Was that an understaffing problem or just a lack of employee awareness?

Best Grocery Store in America Has Illinois and Wisconsin Locations

In a review of U.S. grocery stores from Solitaired that ranked everything from how long lines are to customer service, the Best grocery store is Trader Joe's because of their "high-quality customer experience."


Costco was the second favorite grocery in the U.S. along with Aldi which also made the Top 10 Best grocery stores.

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There are 23 Trader Joe's locations in Illinois and 23 Costco locations. Aldi also has an impressive 215 stores in Illinois.

A Wisconsin Grocery Among Worst Customer Service in the U.S.

In a Solitaire review about the big and small U.S. Grocery Stores, some of the worst customer service in the country happens at a Wisconsin grocery.

The Maharaja Grocery and Liquor in Madison, Wisconsin was ranked as the grocery store with the 17th worst customer service in America with a 5.75 percent frequency of negative reviews where words like "unprofessional" were used when referring to the customer service experience.

One of America's Worst Groceries for Customer Service in Illinois

In Illinois, there's a grocery store that was ranked as the 19th worst grocery store in the country for customer service.

Located on W. Grand Avenue in Chicago, the Green Grocer Chicago had a 5.66 percent frequency of negative reviews.

Wisconsin Has Grocery Store With the Worst Food Quality in U.S.

Using keywords such as "expired" and "expensive," the grocery store study ranked the locations that had 3-star reviews or less, and a store in Wisconsin had THE worst of all American stores.

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According to the study, Villard Food Town on W Villard Avenue in Milwaukee had the worst food quality ranking with 13.46% of complaints related to food quality at this grocery store.

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