No doubt about it, Rockfordians are a tough breed. We can handle brutal winters, ridiculously potholed streets, and never-ending ridicule of our fair city, but there are some sounds that just get under our skin. Here are 7 of the worst.

Most Annoying Sounds

Now that the sounds of early-morning mowing and birds chirping are back for the season, it got us thinking...

For the record, I enjoy birdsong as much as the next guy or gal, but there are sounds that drive me absolutely crazy. For me the top offender is; chewing.

If I don't have some kind of noise in the background while my family is gathered for a meal, my blood pressure will skyrocket, guaranteed.

I cannot stand hearing the slurping, chewing, and squishing that comes along with eating food, and it looks like I'm not alone in feeling that way.

When we asked Rockford residents what sound annoys them the most, these are the 7 answers we received most.

7 Sounds Rockford Residents Hate Most

When it comes to the award for the most annoying sound ever, this won by a landslide...

 Other People Chewing/Eating Food

Dark haired woman eating a fast food burger and fries

Some eating sounds cannot be avoided, but people chewing with their mouths open certainly can! Smacking gum is included with this, and don't even get me started on the sounds some people make while eating chips...ugh!

Here are some more sounds that received several mentions...

Barking Dogs


Dogs bark, everyone understands that, but if your dog is outside constantly barking, please bring them inside so you are the only one that gets annoyed.

Emergency Sirens

Emergency vehicle lighting

Hearing sirens usually means something bad has happened again, and no one wants that constant reminder.

Scraping Silverware on Teeth


Eating utensils are supposed to simply go in your mouth, not scrape against your teeth.  FYI, scraping your spoon in a bowl to get every last drop of ice cream out of it is super annoying to many people too. Please don't do it.

Nail Clipping 


This is a loathed sound in my house, (primarily for my husband), but many people in Rockford can't stand it either. Where the clipped nails end up is a bigger issue for me.

Car Alarms

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Car alarms are a valid feature to have in the Rockford area, but when they go off suddenly it can scare the you-know-what out of you. They also get super annoying when they are left blaring.

Crying Kids

arnoaltix, ThinkStock
arnoaltix, ThinkStock

As a parent with young children, I have mixed feelings on this one. Kids cry, especially when they are very young, but if they're having a full blown fit in the middle of a restaurant or store, take them outside and handle it. Don't just ignore them and hope they'll stop.

A Very Annoying Rockford Sound

There is one specific Rockford sound that I was shocked to see no one mentioned that I definitely need to throw out there...

The sound of people rolling carts on the brick flooring at Woodman's. 

Maybe this sound is more annoying to the person rolling the cart than other shoppers around them, but I will never understand why someone thought putting brick flooring in a grocery store was a good idea. Who's with me?!?

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