In the early 2000s, there was an ongoing joke about being careful when visiting Dick's Sporting Goods' website. If you typed the wrong URL you might have gone somewhere you didn't intend.

Prior to 2011, the sporting goods giant did not yet own the URL with the short version of the store's name, That is no longer the case.

Maksym Yemelynov

Most of us are well versed when it comes to browsing the internet and pretty much know the ins and outs. However, if you're working for an actively digital company you may be a little more cautious about what is being published or sent out in an email.

Friends enjoying fresh beer at pub and sharing mobile

Some offices have that one person who replies all with a gif or a meme instead of actual text like an adult professional. (Note: I am that person. Hi.)

Though I like to keep things fun and toe the line between professional and unprofessionalism, I am cautious about when I'm dropping in the email because, even though it's a small office and I know most of my coworkers' personalities, I don't want to offend anyone enough to get into actual trouble.

When it comes to writing articles like this one I try not to create content that would cause readers to get pulled into the HR manager's office. I also try not to be offensive or oppressive. With that said I'm going to tread lightly with a quick lesson into double-checking your work.

This is of utmost importance if you publish content online in any manner.


No matter how good you are at your job or what level you are on the corporate totem pole you're bound to make a mistake. We're all human, it happens.

Townsquare Media, Canva
Townsquare Media, Canva

I won't share specifics but recently it was brought to my attention that a serious mistake went unnoticed. Now, when I learned of this I immediately did some searching to confirm this error was factual and not some sort of prank.

A coworker whom I will not mention (the photo above is enough) wrote an article focusing on donating to a charity. The well-written article included a few links shared by a reliable source. Unfortunately, the aforementioned coworker did not double-check the links were functioning and accurate.

The Hilarious/Embarrassing Fail

One of the links, which has since been removed, included ".com" instead of ".org." Why does this matter? That ".com" link lead to incredibly NSFW content that would make any HR person's head spin.

Lesson: Double-check links, always.

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