Commuting isn't always our first choice when it comes to our jobs but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

When it comes to commuting and traveling our interstates, Illinois' has a big complaint.

Is it all the vehicles on the road? The semis pulling double trailers? Is it the tolls? Is it the constant construction?


It's those dang left lane Sunday drivers.

What I mean by that, are those that drive in the left lane at a much slower speed than the rest of traffic.

WGN reports that those "lane hogs, slowpokes, left lane lollygaggers and [whatever else you want to call them].. are one of the biggest commuter complaints on Chicagoland roads."

I so agree and my interstate driving is only a small portion on I-39.

I've been told by my family that I'm an aggressive driver, and maybe in one aspect, I am. However, nothing irritates me more than when I pull into the left lane to pass and these someone poking along under the 70mph in that lane. Ugh!

Everyone knows or at least should know, that in Illinois the left lane on our interstate is used for passing and driving at higher speeds. It's our state's law.

In fact, "every state in the U.S. and many cities overseas have some sort of law indicating drivers going slower than surrounding traffic should stay in the right lanes"

Also, did you know that if you get caught for driving slower in the left lanes, you will be ticketed for "improper lane usage" and "troopers say could cost you $120.... and more states [other than just Illinois] are really starting to crack down on lane hogs."

Now for those offenders driving slower in the left lanes, there is a reason for the crackdown to keep them out "Officials say slower vehicles in the left lane contribute to backups, tailgating, and rivers weaving around traffic – and ultimately crashes."

So it's not that we fast and or aggressive drivers are picking on them, unfortunately, they're cautiousness is a safety issue in those far left lanes.




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