The first memory I have of a $2 bill is when I had my first communion and got a couple in Hallmark card, and on my 14th birthday, one of my grandparents gave me seven $2 bills.

And to be honest, it was much cooler at that age to have all those $2 bills instead of 14 one-dollar bills, because it's all about the Jefferson's baby. (Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill).

When was the $2 bill put into circulation?

Reintroduced into circulation in 1976, the $2 was first printed in 1862, and according to Wikipedia there was $1,549,052,714 worth of $2 bills were in circulation worldwide as of April 30, 2007.

Most banks still have $2 bills available, but they will only be given out by request, and you may have to wait for the teller to get into the vault for your request.

How much is my $2 bill worth today?

Like anything that people love to collect, there are some $2 bills that are worth way more than a couple of bucks because of their rarity and collectibility factor.

Some on the list are currently going for upwards of $4500 at auction, for a bill originally worth 2 dollars.

The U.S. Currency price guide shows current values for collectible United States paper money and these are some of the $2 bills that can be worth more than $1,000:

  1. 1928B United States Note $2 bill with a red serial number is worth $1000+ if uncirculated.
  2. 1995 Federal Reserve Note $2 bill with a green serial number is worth $500+ for the set of 12 "BEP" notes in original packaging.
  3. 1890 Treasury Note $2 bill with a brown or red serial number can be worth over $4500 if in uncirculated condition.

Do you want to check your $2 bill and see if it could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars? CLICK HERE to see the currency prices for collectible money from US Currency Auctions.

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