Say it ain't so, Wisconsin made it illegal to buy one of your favorite brands of butter, but there is a workaround, and you will soon be able to get it once again.

If you enjoy Land 'O Lakes butter, you'll be just fine, but if you enjoy the good stuff, you will won't be breaking the law in Wisconsin if you sell or buy Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter!

Oh wait, you haven't heard of Kerrygold Pure Irish butter? Kerrygold butter is grass-fed butter, with a very rich taste,  which makes it very hard to come by in America, even though it is widely available in Europe. You would think that in America's dairyland, it would be widely available. It is not. Kerrygold is grass-fed butter that contains optimal levels of healthy fat. The butter is available in other states, but not in Wisconsin due to some very stringent laws in place.

In fact, in Wisconsin if you are caught selling Kerrygold butter, you could be fined $1000.

Wisconsin recently banned the sales of Kerrygold butter because of a decades-old state law that does not allow the sale of butter that hasn't been graded for quality. Many view the restriction, as a law that was put in place to keep butter competitors out of Wisconsin.

A number of distributors went to court to challenge the law, hoping that they could resume selling the high quality butter.

The good news is that Kerrygold Irish Butter will once again be allowed to be sold in Wisconsin. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Old World Creamery of Sheboygan announced Thursday that it will import Irishgold butter from Ireland, process and package it — then have the company's five state-licensed butter graders rate it. That will allow Irishgold to be sold legally in Wisconsin, which bans the sale of any butter that hasn't been graded for quality

Butter lovers rejoice!

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