It is becoming more blatantly clear every day that Illinois drivers are not abiding by Scott's Law. Do drivers not know it exists? Do they think wherever they need to get to is more important than another person's life? Whatever their reasons may be, I don't care. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Illinoisans need to show respect, slow down, and MOVE OVER when they see emergency personnel on the side of a roadway. No excuses. No exceptions.

Local law enforcement is cracking down and on the lookout for Scott's Law violators, but one 12-year-old Illinois State Police Trooper's daughter doesn't think that is enough.

On March 29, 2019, Lucy Kuelper started the Move Over Project with one simple and extremely powerful mission; "to stand up and spread the word with real photos. Let’s see the real connection to bring awareness to Scott’s law."

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, right? Some of the pictures that have already been shared on the Move Over Project's Facebook speak about a million, and many of them brought tears to my eyes.



MOVE OVER. SLOW DOWN. Nothing you have to do is more important than someone else's life.

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