I was on staycation last week with my family, and I told myself I was going to take a bit of a social media break and just enjoy my time with them.

For the most part, I did good, but then on Thursday I heard the news about the tragic death of Illinois State Trooper Brooke Jones-Story and I had to know more about how this happened. My mind and heart cannot understand why this keeps happening to law enforcement officers in Illinois, and then less than 2 days later it happens again.

I did a lot of crying during my staycation, and it was all for families I've never met. The grief and shock they are currently enduring just makes my heart break, and I am praying for them.

To me, all first responders are heroes. Every day they leave their families to protect us, complete strangers, from all the bad that exists in this world. Many of my friends and family members are first responders, and they are all incredible human beings. They are heroic, loyal, hard working, and would never hesitate to protect someone they've never even met.

When I saw this post from a man named Daniel Lambeau crediting fallen Illinois State Trooper Gerald Ellis for saving his daughter's life, I was not surprised by the heroism. I was saddened by the tragic, senseless loss, but not surprised in the least that Trooper Ellis sacrificed his life to save another's.



God Bless you, Trooper Ellis, and thank you for literally laying your life on the line for the protection of others. This world was lucky to have you.


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