Burger King is ramping things up in the burger wars and trying a new tactic by offering "Mystery Burgers".

If they should come to Rockford will buy one?

AdWeekshared that Burger King is experimenting in their European markets by offering a "Mystery Burger".

So what is this Mystery Burger exactly?

Well in a way it honestly is a mystery. It's basically one of their ten signature sandwiches that they serve randomly in an unbranded white box.

When you order one you wont know what you're getting until you open the box.

They cost roughly $2.40 a burger.

Currently they are doing this in France to what they is offering the public "an opportunity to discover Burger King’s products, but without hard selling or aggressive promotions that are not good for the brand,” explains agency executive creative director Georges Mohammed-Chérif. “We have to do it in a creative way, to reach people and give them a very good reason to come and discover [menu items beyond the Whopper].”

Here's an ad they're running in France for their Mystery Burger.


Hmmm, I think that's quite interesting and actually genius. It's like playing Russian Roulette with your sandwich but another way to get you to try something different.

If they try this tactic in Rockford, would you be up for it?

I would be just for fun to see what sandwich they churn out for you.

Almost like playing the lottery but in this case you'll always win with a sandwich.


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