Recreational marijuana sales set a new monthly record in Illinois by growing 35%.

Honestly, I can say that I believed the legalization of recreational cannabis would be huge in Illinois. It has and then some. I do not think anyone could predict that it would end up being this big of a deal.

The monthly increase in sales is no surprise but how it continues to grow is pretty amazing. After sixteen months there seems to be no end in sight. I figured it would level off at some point. Even though February was a little bit slower, the money flow crushed in March breaking the record once again,

According to,

"Illinois set a record with $109 million in sales of recreational marijuana in March — a huge 35% increase from the previous month. The previous record for monthly sales was about $89 million in January. But the sales reflect an escalation of the almost constant growth in sales since cannabis was legalized in the state in January 2020."

There are some factors involved in this big jump in Illinois weed sales.

  • Better weather.
  • Longer month.
  • More retail locations.
  • Stimulus checks.
  • Less COVID restrictions.

Visitors coming to Illinois for marijuana also is growing. It is up $10 million. It was $23 million in February and $33 in March. That is one-third of the revenue of the state.

Even with more states joining the bandwagon, it has not impacted Illinois.

There will be seventy-five more store licenses released later this year. That could mean the yearly sales could double to reach $1.3 billion.

There is one thing I have said over and over again. Illinois loves its pot.

I would really like to know what the sales numbers are just for Rockford because every time I drive down Perryville Road, there seems to be a long line at the dispensary.

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