It's no secret I'm an advocate for local business, but when something stares you in the face at every corner it's easy to take advantage of other options. That's the world myself (and many others) are living in - coffee at every corner.

This weekend my coffee drinking life experienced something so powerful I can't even begin to explain. I now have a new addiction thanks to a flavor sensation that sent my taste buds into overdrive. It's all at the hands of a barista at McDonald's. I can call him or her a barista, right? I mean, they obviously know what they're doing.

Ladies and gentleman, I'm pleased to introduce you to McCafe's new drinks that will send a shiver down your spine and its competitor's, too. They nailed this one. It's hard to argue the taste.

The three new flavors (with espresso) are caramel macchiato, vanilla cappuccino, and Americano. I can tell you the caramel macchiato is great as a hot drink and even better when it's iced. I have to agree with Business Insider and say that national chains offering similar drinks should be worried, at least for now. Considering the cost of the McCafe's new drinks, at $2 (for a "limited" time), it's immediately cheaper than their biggest coffee competitor - and just as good.

(Side note: You'll be able to pick these up at retail stores, too.)

I'm not saying to ditch your favorite local coffee spot but if you're in the car, and one of those places sitting at every corner is calling your name, I might consider grabbing one these (if anything) just to say you have tried it. I did, and I liked it. #sorrynotsorry

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