After reading "If 2020 was a movie, what would the title be?" on Reddit, we took the idea a different direction, what would 2020 be if it were alcohol? As usual, our Facebook fans didn't disappoint. Of the dozens of responses, here are the best seven. (There's no reason behind seven other than "why not?"

Ole Smoky
  • Emily V. chimed in with "Poorly made moonshine", which is so fitting because 2020 was supposed to be universally matching jumpsuits and flying cars.
Getty Images
  • Jay D.'s suggestion makes the list purely for the concoction's name, Duck Fart Shot. It may sound disgusting but's description makes it sound pleasant, the opposite of 2020.

This surprisingly pretty layered shot combines coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and Crown Royal, and will impress anybody who tries it with its appearance and unique buzz.

Total Line
  • Lisa V. opted for Black Haus which is a black cherry schnapps and probably tastes like it names sounds... which may or may not be the noise you might hear in a bathroom after drinking too much of it.
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  • Jamie P. went with "3-day old bud light." The response makes me wonder if whether or not the beer is skunked.
Fireball Whiskey
  • Noni and Vicky agree if 2020 were alcohol it would be FIreball, and I just dry-heaved.

Jake A.'s suggestion made me think of emptying all the beer liners that sat for a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to make a drink out of it. He calls it, "Caronabushmillerbudblue."

There were many great suggestions but there was one that labels 2020 accurately. Chris, Heather, Austin, Christopher, Mandy, Larry, Michelle, and Karen all nominated the liquor that tastes like bug spray combined with gasoline and a dumpster fire...

Malort via Facebook
  • Malort would be the most accurate alcohol to use to describe 2020... and we're only 6 months into the year. Also, if you are one of the few that enjoy this disgusting soul-burning, wart removal of a liquor, kudos for having an iron stomach, and uncomparable alcohol tolerance.

There you have it. seven different forms of alcohol to describe 2020.

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