This is frightening. A Rockford woman received multiple friend requests and scary messages after someone with a name that is just one letter off from hers posted an insensitive and racist meme on Facebook. Now, she's hoping to curb the drama.

Rachel Stenberg wasn't expecting to be the center of the backlash caused by a complete stranger but it happened in like an unexpected storm. During a weekend filled with high emotions related to justice for George Floyd, people (in true 2020 fashion) jumped to social media to share their thoughts and feelings about the situation. Not all comments and posts were negative but there were some that were nothing short of cringy and sickening. One of those posts, shared by Rachel Steenberg caused backlash for the United Way and Rachel STENBERG.

Rockford Mom Receives Horrifying Death Threats After Woman with Similar Name Post Racists Messages on Social Media
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loading... shared the text from a (now deleted) meme shared by Rachel Steenberg who claims to work for United Way of Southeast Missouri. Just a warning, the insensitive meme described by BSO is NSFW.

Racist White Woman Rachel Steenberg Posted An Offensive Meme On Facebook Calling George Floyd A N*Gger And Making Fun Of His Facial Features; She Wanted Attention, So She Is Getting It Now

(UPDATE: Someone shared a screenshot of the deplorable meme on Twitter.)

Naturally, the ignorant and incredibly distasteful post exploded on Facebook in the worst way possible for the Rachel Steenberg of Missouri(?) and Rachel Stenberg of Rockford felt the wrath, undeservedly. At first, Rachel Stenberg didn't understand why she had more than a dozen Facebook friend requests waiting for her, then she learned why this was happening.

Apparently, an extremely despicable post was made today by a vile woman named Rachel STEENBERG - two E’s - about the murder of George Floyd. It was appalling, to say the very least.

After Rachel started receiving messages, including DEATH THREATS, she made sure her friends have a clear understanding of her feelings in regard to the tragic death of George Floyd.

I stand with those who are outraged at the vile display of disregard and disrespect for another human being. I understand your anger; your disgust, not only of the meme posted, but of the larger problem that is racism and injustice.

She then shared screenshots of some of the messages she received which included DEATH THREATS. Be warned, again, the language is NSFW.

Townsquare Media - Used With Permission
Townsquare Media - Used With Permission

Rachel's plea is heartbreaking and a sad example of America.

Please recognize that profile is not me. (As you can easily see below) Please understand I’m not the only person in the world with my name or something similar. Please stop friend requesting me and sending horrible messages.

Rachel STEENBERG's Facebook claimed she worked for United Way but the organization has refuted those claims.

There are many things to learn from this situation, sadly, many will choose to ignore all of them and continue to spread evil throughout their world.

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