This isn't for everyone but there are proven ways to prepare your body for extremely cold temps. You've got to believe if the US Army is doing this it must work, but if you're going to try it you'd better have a healthy heart and appreciate cold showers. Yes, cold showers.

Here are the two ways one can prepare your body to not be cold when it's stupid cold.

Option 1 (Easy): Don't bundle up every time you go outside for a few minutes. Instead, wear a light jacket versus a big heavy coat. You can also gradually turn down your thermostat 1 degree every day.

Option 2 (Expert): Take cold showers. Yes, you read that correctly.

Start off with just a quick cold-shower exposure—say 15 seconds—and adding 10 seconds every day. (You can turn up the water temp once you’ve endured your measure of icy water.)

Don't try either option if you've got heart issues. Also, who the heck enjoys cold showers?

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