Here's the next crazy does this really work challenge.

I'm going to show you how to polish your furniture, using my old plant table, with Spam.


Well It was certainly interesting. I think I will just stick with pledge and cloth but, it's cool to see there are other alternatives.

Now if you, like I would prefer, to keep Spam in the can, that's totally ok.

In fact, how would you like to go to the Spam capital of our country? Yes, I'm talking about Minnesota.

We are sending one lucky listener and a guest to Minnesota to see Carrie Underwood perform at the Minnesota State Fair. We'll cover your transportation (airfare), hotel accommodations, throw in some spending money and, if that's not enough, we got a pair of tickets to catch the Twins game the next day.

Are you interested? Well all you need to do is sign before July 30th.

Here I'll make it easy for you. Click the button below to sign up.

Good luck!