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Microwave pizza is delicious even when it's soggy. Some might say the secret to reheating pizza is to use an air fryer, and they are correct. But, if you don't have an air fryer available there's an old trick that is resurfacing in 2020 and it involves the microwave. You can thank science for this one. In fact, there's the source of this article. I started reading this article from The Sun about an Australian pizza chain suggesting this tip I had never heard of but it just didn't compute in my head. I needed to know more and I fell down a microwave pizza rabbit hole and, boom, I found the science behind this tip. There's no need to thank me later for this pizza lover's life-changing tip.

In this "hack", aside from the pizza and a plate, you need a glass of water. It's important that it's not stoneware. Pyrex is fine and obviously the mug or glass needs to microwave safe. You're going to put that glass of water into the microwave with one or two slices of refrigerated pizza for 30-45 seconds, no more, no less. Anything more could cause the water to boil which creates moisture and will result in soggy pizza, which is what you're trying to avoid. This may seem new to you but scientists have been doing it for years, according to

The water works by acting as a “microwave sink” or a “dummy load.” ... Using a dummy load absorbs some of the microwaves and moderates the reaction, allowing the water and oils to heat at a more uniform rate. Basically, the cheese re-melts and the toppings and crust get hot all about the same time.

There's a longer explanation over at including the correct temp for reheating leftover pizza in a conventional oven.

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