Do you struggle with life after a night of drinking? For many of us, age has caught up with us when it comes to booze. One thing is certain, that two-day hangover is the worst. If this is true for you I'm here to help you get rid of that two-day "I'm never drinking again" feeling.

In short, here are seven tips to kiboshing the potential two-day hangover, according to,

  1. You need to eat, especially before the party in your stomach. And, bread is great food.
  2. Drinks lots of Gatorade or anything with electrolytes.
  3. Get more sleep than normal. If you function on six hours of sleep, get 8 or 9.
  4. Women can experience worse hangovers than men. #scientificfact
  5. Don't indulge in mind-altering drugs while drinking. (Don't do it at all, actually.)
  6. Supplement magnesium and vitamin B1. #scientificfact
  7. Drink vodka (next time).

There are scientific facts to back each tip but whose got time for that? If you want to read the in-depth studies click here.

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