The first snow storm of the season hit Rockford with around a foot of snow this past weekend. How much did it cost The City of Rockford and how much salt was used on the roads? Take a guess and find out how close you are here.


Mother Nature hit the Stateline with around a foot of snow with one of the earliest and biggest snows in November. How much salt was thrown by road crews in Rockford this past weekend?

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According to WREX.COM, "Public Works Director Tim Hanson says nearly 1,500 tons of salt were used over the weekend to combat the winter storm that caused upward of 14" of snow in the Stateline.".

The salt was purchased last season at a bargain rate of $100 per ton. "Add it all up and official estimated that the cost for the weekend in salt was around $150,000 for the weekend. Contractors hired to plow and salt the streets were estimated to cost the city between $150,000 and $200,000, and city workers cost the city $20,000 for the weekend." according to WREX.COM.

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Overall, Hanson says "the city is estimating the total cost of the storm to be around $320,000 and $370,000".

So how close did you come to the actual retail value? (Insert 'Price is Right' theme music here) I was off by around $100,000 dollars. I was 'really' close.