What is your biggest Thanksgiving fail every year? Do you carve your turkey at the table or in private? Here's where you fit in with America.
You know the holidays are here when you put the leave in the dinning room table for more room. Ever wonder where you fit in with America?

Do you carve your turkey at the table or in private? What's your biggest fail concerning the dinner? Here's a poll of America and according to Parade.com

Alex Wong, Getty Images

64% carve the turkey in private where mistakes can be hidden.
36% make carving the turkey a public display.
69% of Americans say there are no calories at Thanksgiving.
20% Believe if you make a mistake, just put gravy on it.
6% everything is better with butter.
5% believe dessert is actually better than the turkey.

When it comes to the biggest fails at Thanksgiving:

34% say lumpy gravy.
23% say overcooking the turkey.
19% gluey mashed potatoes.
13% under cooking the turkey.
11% forgetting to thaw the turkey.

Regardless of the fail, I can testify that I have done each one, more than once.

The key is rolling with the punches from the kitchen and remember, the reason for the day is to simply be thankful.