If you have made it this far in the pandemic without contracting COVID-19, you deserve a full round of applause! I must warn you though, whatever you have been doing thus far to stay healthy, amp it up, because health officials in the Stateline are saying that the second wave of the virus has officially hit our area.

Boone County Public Health Administrator Amanda Mehl recently told WIFR;

If we’re seeing things in the serious nature that we’re seeing them now I think in the next 2-4 weeks it’s going to look even tougher out there for schools, for families for hospitals, for health departments for really everyone in the community.

Our area hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID cases and/or staff members out on quarantine. Several school districts in the area have already made the decision to, or are strongly considering, making a temporary switch to all remote-learning, and it's because the amount of absences, positive cases and amount of students and staff in quarantine is getting way too high.

As a family that just finished our bouts with the virus and the required quarantines, I can tell you this much, it's a lot to handle. I firmly believe our schools are doing their best to contain virus spread, but it is a nearly impossible quest. As I have stated before, I believe asymptomatic spreading is the real villain in this pandemic tale, and that is why I believe the virus spreading in schools is such a tricky thing to handle. How are parents to know if they are sending their kids to school with the virus if they are not experiencing any symptoms?!?

As we head into the next few weeks there are some things we need to remember; if anyone in your house is experiencing COVID-like symptoms, EVERYONE should stay home until they test negative or get an alternate diagnosis. We all need to make a real effort to limit our interactions with other people and for the love of God, wear a mask when you are in public. PLEASE. I don't want to see our community and businesses shut down again, and the reality is, we are just a hop, skip, and a cough away from that happening.

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