Calling all spice fiends and chicken enthusiasts! A new restaurant called Hangry Joe's Hot Chicken & Wings will be opening soon in Rockford, Illinois, and it comes with a warning; one of its signature food items may be way too hot to handle.

Not Your Average Chicken Restaurant

Chicken is one of my favorite things to eat and I use it in many different frequent-flyer recipes in our house, but...the one ingredient that doesn't get used regularly is anything hot and spicy. Honestly, my family's palette is pretty bland and boring, but when it comes to chicken, I'm willing to venture outside my comfort zone.

Am I brave enough to try the fiery chicken dishes that this new restaurant coming to Rockford is most well known for? The jury is still out on that one.

Hangry Joe's Rockford Hot Chicken & Wings via Facebook
Hangry Joe's Rockford Hot Chicken & Wings via Facebook

Get ready to ditch the bland and embrace the burn at Hangry Joe's, where they don't just serve chicken, they serve up an inferno on a plate.

Hangry Joe's Rockford Hot Chicken & Wings will be opening in August at 6150 E State St., (in between Sketchers and Crumbl Cookies), and its website says it's the "ultimate destination for mouth-watering, authentic Nashville Hot Chicken."

Hangry Joe's menu offers a variety of chicken sandwiches, wraps, wings, chicken nuggets and more, but are all of the dishes spicy? Yes, if you choose to have it seasoned, but they offer different levels of hot.


Hangry Joe's Signature Dish

While spice lovers may love Hangry Joe's menu options, there is one option that only the bravest (or craziest) of spice lovers are willing to try...the "Angry Hot"

Hangry Joe's Angry Hot seasoning features, you guessed it, ghost peppers, and is described as "extremely fiery and packs a serious punch of heat." It looks like anything on the menu can be seasoned with it...if you sign a waiver first.

Who's ready to try Hangry Joe's Hot Chicken & Wings in Rockford?!?  Just remember, with great hot chicken comes great responsibility (and maybe a big side of milk).

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