When my two older kids were little, we used to throw awesome Halloween parties. We would invite all of their friends from school and their parents, our teacher friends and their kids, and anyone from the neighborhood who wanted to dress up in a costumes and come eat amazing Halloween themed food. It was the best time!

The costumes were epic. My friends husband, in 1999, dressed up like the Y2K bug. It was just a black sweatshirt and sweat pants, awning with a bug mask and CDs pinned all over is clothes. It was great. grousing those parties made the theater, costume loving girl SO happy.

As far as the food, I had a friend I worked with, who would plan the menu with me. Since it was before the internet, we would spend the whole year collecting recipes with Halloween themes. I remember having a brain cheeseball, hard boiled blood shot eyes, mummy wieners, witches brew with a floating ice hand that kept it cold and so many more.

The recipes I loved the most were ones they kids could help me with. The;t why when I saw people on TikTok making these, I had to try them.

Here is how to make the fun, delicious and super easy, Halloween Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies.

Halloween Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies Are So Easy Your Little Ghosts and Goblins Can Evan Make Them

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