There's something to be said for a little hometown bias.

In Rockford, we prefer "our stuff," and for the most part, we look at a drive to Chicago as traveling to another state.

And even though Culver's is a Wisconsin original, there's a bit of hometown pride involved with all things Culver's.

Maybe it's because so many people have worked at Culver's at one point or another or maybe it's because their food is so dang good.

Side note: My son has to make monthly trips to the orthodontist for a braces checkup and every single time he goes, he requests Culver's. Why? Like I said, "so dang good."

So when I saw Thrillist's list of "Best Fast Food Cheeseburgers" I was pleasantly surprised and a little "hometown proud" to see Culver's at the top of the list.

Thrillist says Culver's Double Butterburger with Cheese is the best fast food cheeseburger in the US.

If you haven't had a Culver's Double Butterburger in your life, do yourself a favor and try one when you get a chance.

Two fresh-grilled, hand-formed patties topped with slices of Wisconsin-made American cheese; red onions, pickles, and tomatoes on the bottom; grilled Kaiser-adjacent fluffy bun dabbed with butter.

I wouldn't say it's a lifechanging experience but it's definitely worth begging your parents for the next you have to go somewhere.

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