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Hairy Cow is opening for carry-out this weekend and, yes, their lines are clean.

I drive by Hairy Cow Brewing Company in Byron and badly want to swing left into their parking lot for "just one." (It's never "just one.") The beer isn't the only prize-deserving menu item, the food is worthy as well. Those pizzas are incredible. The wings are incomparable. And, if you're a craft beer aficionado you might be wondering about those beer lines. They're good to go.

This is how we clean the lines. Every fourteen days, even during this nonsense, to keep your beer fresh.

Today and tomorrow from 4-7 you can order crowlers, howlers, growlers through email, their website, or by phone. Beer lovers will pay at pick-up at the entrance of the brewery. Yes, you can bring in previously purchased glassware and it will be rinsed and sanitized.

Beer Menu:
  • Bloody’Elles Helles (new)
  • Dossan Amber
  • Turtle Tree Cream Ale
  • Kyloe Coconut Porter
  • Morning Mud Coffee Stout
  • Limpin’ Pig American Pale Ale
  • American Hairy American IPA
  • Highland Hairy Belgian IPA
  • Ardtus
  • Slainte Mhath

Although Hairy Cow has been closed for forever (or so it seems) they did have a unique visitor a few weeks ago.

Whether you visit Hairy Cow, a different brewery, or any sort of restaurant, be sure you are tipping appropriately. If you're not sure what's "appropriate" during the COVID-19 pandemic, here's a guide.

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