It was just another night at the local bar in Illinois, and a man had popped into the restroom to do his business. As he was washing his hands, he couldn't help but notice a pair of pointy shoes and striped socks peeking out from under the stall door.

He thought to himself, "That's a strange choice of socks but maybe it's a holiday party or something."

But as he looked closer, he realized those weren't just any socks. They were elf socks. And not just any elf socks, but the kind that Santa's helpers wear up at the North Pole.

He couldn't believe my eyes. An elf in the bathroom of a bar in Illinois? This had to be some kind of joke, right?



One might question how much they had to drink while witnessing this unexpected sight. I think the only thing more surprising may be bumping into jolly ole' Saint Nick himself in front of a urinal.

Where was this???

This happened during a pub crawl in Byron, Illinois. If it weren't for a photo I'd question it myself. Have a look and then enjoy the poem that follows.

Strange things often happen during a pub crawl in Byron.  But never would have thought I'd be minding my own in a bathroom stall and look over to see this.

Photo Provided
Photo Provided

I went to the bar for a drink or two

But never expected what I'd see in the loo

A pair of elf socks, bright and bold

Sticking out from under the stall door, I was sold

I couldn't believe my eyes, it had to be a joke

But as the door opened, out came a bloke

An elf, confused and bewildered and lost

Looking for the North Pole, at any cost

It was a strange and funny sight

An elf in a bar, on a random night

I'll never forget that unexpected encounter

With Santa's helper, in the bathroom of a bar in Illinois, I'll remember forever.

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

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