Sometimes we read stories that make us really worry about the future of mankind.

The cold-heartedness of some humans leaves me speechless, and sometimes it leaves me sick to my stomach and furious.

This story I found on WGN is one of the sick to my stomach and furious times. Who would do this to a dog, much less a 7-month-old puppy?!?!

I hope whoever is responsible for this dog's pain burns in Hell for a long, long time.


God Bless You, Dr. Adam Conroy for giving Trinity a chance at life, instead of taking the easier route of putting her down. This dog has a long recovery road to travel still, and a GoFundMe page has been started to pay for the physical therapy and custom made cart Trinity needs to get around while she heals.

Trinity will also soon need a loving home to foster her, or preferably adopt her. If you or someone you know is interested in providing the loving home Trinity so desperately deserves, contact the K9 Enrichment Initiative in Plainfield, Illinois at (779) 875-6309 or check out

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