So often in life we are told "different' doesn't mean "bad". Different can be good, different can be special, and in the case of today's Pet of the Week, different can be adorable.

"Fish" is a two-year-old male cat available for adoption now at Winnebago County Animal Services in Rockford. Fish is friendly and cuddlable, but what makes Fish "different' happens to be the first thing people fall in love with according to Amber Pinnon, Adoption & Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services. Here's what Amber had to say about Fish;

Prepare to fall in love with a special cat named, Fish! Fish appears to have very poor vision. While he responds to bright lights, he doesn’t seem to see movements very well and he walks very gingerly as if he is unable to see his surroundings normally. Fish is also a little bit of a sweet goofball, and we aren’t sure if he has some neurologic deficits, or if this is simply who he is. Either way, he doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by the things that make him special. In fact, he has won over many of the staff at WCAS because of his sweet, quirky personality.  At two years old he has plenty of life left to give and would love to show you all the things he can still do!

Being visually impaired makes Fish special, but does not necessarily limit his quality of life. He seems to be well adapted to moving carefully as he becomes familiar with his surroundings, and he’s happy to make his way over to you if you talk to him in an encouraging manner. If you’re looking for a sweet, goofy little guy to make your days a little bit brighter, Fish just might be the furry friend you need.

Since Fish's eyes aren't top notch, he needs to find a special kind of family to go home with. It sounds to me like Fish needs a family who is patient, helpful, and a bit low key so he isn't constantly startled by noises and commotion. If you think you have the perfect home for a special cat like Fish, please out an adoption application now at

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