School dances are a right of passage, especially for young women.

Starting in grade school, all the way through high school, there's big pressure to show up and look good at a school dance.

Not getting asked, or worse yet, not being able to afford an awesome dress can be a HUGE deal to a young woman and both reasons can have lasting effects on their self esteem.

Thankfully groups like Becca's Closet exist whose sole mission is to "promote self-confidence and individual beauty by providing formal gown and accessorizes to high school teens".

The Rockford Chapter of Becca's Closet is overseen by Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries, and they will once again be providing free prom dresses for girls who need them this Spring.

If you need a teen girl who needs a Prom dress, send them to Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd on Rockton Ave. in Rockford on Saturdays sometime between 9 and 11:30 a.m. to pick out their perfect party dress.

If you would like to rid your closet of the formal dresses that are just collecting dust, you can donate them to Becca's Closet at any of the locations listed below. Just an FYI, plus-size and short length dresses are always needed.


Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries via Facebook
Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries via Facebook


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