Earlier today, we told you about a threat that was made to Genoa-Kingston High School. Police have updated the information and located the origin of the threat.

Earlier today, it was learned that the Genoa Police Department was notified that school employee received a threat to the school via social media.At the time, details  of the exact nature and contents of the threat were not released to the public.

In an update on Monday evening Genoa police now believe the sender of the threat sender was tracked to the State of Washington. Police now believe the the individual thought he was sending the threat to a 'GK High School" in the state of Washington, but sent it to Genoa-Kingston High School in Genoa, IL. Genoa police say:

The law enforcement agency in Washington was contacted along with the FBI. The investigation is ongoing by those agencies.

At this time, Genoa IL police believe there is 'no immediate threat' to Genoa-Kingston High School, but will continue to increase their presence at the school throughout the week.

Genoa police will continue to monitor the situation and acknowledge the assistance of the general public and:

  • DeKalb County Sheriff's Department
  • Sycamore Police
  • Kingston Police
  • NIU Police
  • Metra Police
  • Genoa-Kingston Fire Department
  • Genoa-Kingston School District

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