When I read the news Sunday night that a 15-year-old Indiana boy had died from injuries sustained while racing in the BMX Midwest Nationals at Rockford's Searls Park, my stomach dropped. I can only imagine the grief his family, and the entire BMX community is feeling right now, and I feel just terrible for them.

My 7-year-old nephew has just started entering BMX competitions, and the fact that freak accidents like this can happen while racing now absolutely terrifies me.

In times of tragedy, we want to help. For most, it's human nature. We may not know Carson Stoffel or his family personally, but showing support for a family suffering unimaginable grief is can help them have the courage to face another day.

The BMX community nationwide has started a fundraiser to help support Carson Stoffel's family, and I really think Rockford should get behind this. No donation is too small, and it can do wonders for a family who, I can only assume, were not prepared to deal with the loss of a child.

Click here to donate, and let's show the Stoffel family that Rockford is so very sorry for their loss.

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