It will be interesting to see if this time the law makes a difference. 

We see it every day when we drive. Someone is on their phone constantly. Either talking, texting, or doing something other than driving. You need to stop doing all that ASAP.

According to a press release from the Illinois Police, there will be no free pass. No warning issued. No excuse will be tolerated. If you have your phone in your hand while behind the wheel, Illinois police will ticket you. Three tickets in a year will get you a suspended license.

It's fine when you're at a stop light right? Nope. Can't do it at a stop light, stop sign, traffic jam, or anywhere else when you are technically "driving."

Want to use your phone? Pull over and park your car.

This is going to be a huge change for a lot of people. Hopefully, many tickets are issued and a few lives are saved.

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