I know this COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but I truly believe we have hit the "at-will" portion of it. By that I mean, businesses should be allowed to reopen if they want to, as long as they follow safety precautions, and events should be allowed to happen if organizers feel the effort is worth it.

We all know that each time we leave our homes we are putting our health at risk, but we can't stay shuttered forever, we just need to be smart about it. Just because stores and restaurants are reopening, it doesn't mean you have to go. If you're high risk, or just nervous, please stay home. We all have the freedom to make our own choices, and I do believe the time has now come for businesses to be able to do the same.

Now, let me step off my soapbox and tell you the facts; restaurants in Freeport, IL have just been given the green light to reopen for indoor dining if they choose to do so.

 Freeport Mayor Jodi Miller says she is forgoing Gov. JB Pritzker’s plan to re-open and implementing new guidelines. Now, businesses like restaurants, bars, and saloons can open indoors at 50% capacity.

Before you head to Freeport to enjoy some indoor dining or drinking on a rainy day, just be aware that not all restaurants and bars have chosen to open their doors to patrons. Several Freeport establishments have said they feel the risks outweigh the benefits, and that they will stay shuttered until Illinois enters Phase 4 of Governor Pritzker's reopening plan.

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