The old advice of "meet somewhere in public" when it comes to trading off merchandise purchased via online sale pages doesn't seem to be as safe as it used to be, so the Freeport Police have decided to offer a "safe zone" service, and are hoping other Stateline communities will start doing the same.

I am totally the person who scopes out Craigslist and local Facebook resale pages on a daily basis. It's a great way to get toys and clothes for the kids who outgrow and get bored with their stuff way too fast. I am also the person who really wants to buy all the great deals I find, but is too nervous to pull the trigger and set up the meet. My husband usually ends up being the runner because I am a scaredy cat, and I can't get him to do it as frequently as I would like. The one time I did a meet on my own was a great experience with no problems, yet I still felt like I was conducting an illegal drug deal in the Schnucks parking lot. Going to a local police station to get my goods would make me feel so much more comfortable; how's about you?

The Freeport Police have now joined what several other police departments across the country are already doing, they are now offering "safe trading zones" for internet transactions. These are places people can meet to exchange goods and feel safe knowing the entire meet will be under video surveillance. Here's how it works according to

  • Agree to meet the buyer or seller inside the lobby at the Freeport Police Headquarters at 320 West Exchange St. during daylight hours if possible.
  • Notify dispatch that you are coming at 815-235-8222, and then conduct your business within the supervision of law enforcement. 

Freeport Police strongly suggest using this service when exchanging high ticket items, but do say no transactions involving guns or large items like furniture or pianos will be allowed on their property.

How can we make this happen in Rockford, like now?


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