It's a mystery... or not, depending on who you ask. 

I love a good mystery, especially when it has to do with food. Sign me up for a restaurant investigation.

So when a friend sent me a message wondering if I knew what was being built in the old Happy Wok in Belvidere I went to work.

Ok, I didn't really 'investigate much at all.'

Here's the message my friend sent me:

Hey there. Any idea what is being built in Belvidere? I know you don’t get out that way much. Off State St, across from Arby’s it used to be Happy Wok. I was at Arby’s today and asked and drove thru lady told me “some type of burger joint”. I remember you writing article about mystery location for that Gelato Joe’s but I don’t think this is it. Let me know if you find out. 😁. I need more lunch options during the work week

My friend was right, I don't get out that way too much, but I know I can always ask for some help and so I did on Facebook.

According to you guys... you're not really sure either.

From Wendy's to a 'Hamburger BBQ place,' to KC's burger bar to 'they've been working on it forever...'

Do you know?

What's being built in that Happy Wok location? Hook us up with the info!

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